About Pete Brown Builders

We are a medium sized construction company based on the Tutukaka Coast.  We work predominantly between Ngunguru, Wellingtons Bay, Tutukaka Coast, Matapouri, Woolley Bay and Sandy Bay.

Having grown up on Tutukaka Coast and attending Ngunguru School I realized that this is not only a great place to live but also a great place in which to raise a family.

My wife Kylie Going and I lived in Auckland for 3 years, then travelled for 3 years before returning to Tutukaka.

Our company consists of 4 Trade Qualified carpenters. 1 Trade Qualified cabinet maker, 1 Trade Qualified Commercial contractor and 2 apprentices.  Kylie and I both feel extremely lucky to have such a tight knit group of guys who all live on the Tutukaka Coast and all share common interests.

Five of us have young familys at Ngunguru School.  My Family, and indeed all the members of our business and their families have long standing connections with the Tutukaka coast.  It is for this reason we are in a great position to create fantastic homes for people who are coming to join us in enjoying what this great part of New Zealand has to offer.